The Metew Advantage allows you to get the items you want at the prices you want

With Metew's new "Metew Fulfilled" auctions, "sellers" can create auctions for items that they wish to purchase rather than sell. As the "seller", since you do not own the item, you will not be paid the listing amount as in a normal Metew auction. Instead, you will automatically be given free entry into the auction as a buyer, thus having the ability to buy the item. As with any other Metew auction, participants simply need to wait until the price drops to their liking and click the buy button. Metew makes getting great deals on your most desired items that simple!

As an example, let's say you find yourself in need of a new pair of sunglasses. So you go on the internet and browse around.

Eventually you find a pair you like, but you don't want to pay the listed price of $200. You would be much more comfortable in the $100 range, but you really really like these ones.

Well Metew makes it possible to get those $200 sunglasses for $100! Just log in to the Metew app, click or tap on the Sell Stuff option in the menu, and create an auction for those sunglasses you want.

When setting up the auction, be sure to select Metew at the Fulfilled By prompt. In the description field be sure to include as much detail, model number, images, etc as possible.

Once you're done creating your auction, you'll want to locate it in the auctions view, so you can share it with all your social media followers in order to help spread the word. As more and more people join the auction, the price will drop.

When it drops to $100, that's your que to hit the buy button!

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