Metew Is Competitive Shopping

  • +Auction Marketplace
  • +Never Be Outbid
  • +Prices Only Go Down
  • +Shopping Below Product Cost

"We believe that reinventing the auction experience, represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people buy and sell online. High demand products should cost less, not more. Our auctions provide a fun and competitive shopping experience that saves time, saves money,and delivers prices that are simply, lower than the last time you checked."

Jason Monaco CEO

As a member, you will have the ability to market products, market services, publish your own auctions, and compete with other members.

Our demand reserve© platform delivers the BEST possible price as a buyer. When you decide to start your own auctions, our unique and one of a kind system allows you to get your asking price... Every time!

Meet The Team

Jason brings over 14 years of technical expertise and creativity to the company. A UC Santa Barbara alumni, he has worked with award winning dotcom startups, geospatial search, global marketing and sales companies, automotive manufacturing, software antipiracy, retail sales compliance, eLearning, machine learning and predictive modeling.

Jason Monaco

Nadeem Ahmed
Software Development