Where Auctions Are A Win/Win

That's right! At Metew, buyers and sellers are both winners. With our technology, buyers get products at lower prices, and sellers always get the price they're asking.

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Why Metew?

Why should Sellers use Metew?

With traditional auction sites, sellers list their items and set a reserve price of which bidders are unaware. If the bidding doesn't meet or exceed the reserve by the end of the auction, no one wins. Sellers have to hope that the bidders continually increase the bid until the reserve is met. Thus sellers are forced to set a reserve that may be well lower than what they actually want.

With Metew auctions, the seller simply lists the item and the price at which the bidding will start. This price is guaranteed to the seller if the auction ends in a winning bid. So you see, as long as the auction ends with a winning bidder, the seller also wins because he/she gets paid full listing price.

Why should Buyers use Metew?

With traditional auction sites, buyers have to out bid each other to their own detriment. The winner of the auction is the bidder with the highest bid which means there is no guarantee as to how much the buyer will pay.

With Metew auctions, the buyer knows the maximum cost of the item as soon as he/she enters the auction as the price will only go down as more bidders enter the auction. The buyer simply needs to wait until the price drops to a value that is affordable and claim the winning bid. This means that buyers not only win because they are able to purchase items they need/want, but they also pay much less than list price.

Why should You use Metew?

Let's face it, we're all buyers. We always enjoy buying things we want and sometimes buying things we need. We enjoy it even more when we get a great deal. What if there was a way to always get a great deal? It's too good to be true. It would be like beating the system, wouldn't it?

With Metew's new Metew fulfilled auctions, that's what you get with the Metew Advantage, you CAN beat the system! Here's how

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How It Works


  1. Use the "Sell Stuff" option on the menu
  2. Select a category from the list
  3. Select the condition of the item
  4. Give your auction a title
  5. Set the price of the item (this is the price you will be paid when your auction ends with a winning bid)
  6. Enter the zipcode of where the item is located
  7. Enter a description so buyers can find it by searching
  8. Add photos
  9. Post the auction
  10. Sit back and wait for Metew to send you your full asking price!


  1. Use the "Buy Credits" option on the menu to obtain credits (you must use credits to enter an auction)
  2. Use the "Auctions" option on the menu to find items that you wish to purchase
  3. Upon finding a desired item, click on it
  4. In the item's auction screen, click the "Enter Auction"" button
  5. Sit back and wait for the price of the item to drop the amount you wish to pay
  6. Click the "Buy Now" button
  7. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase
  8. Sit back and wait to receive your item!
  • Buyers that entered an auction but did not win receive a portion of their credits back in the form of reward points

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Credits?

Credits are used to purchase Metew entries. A Metew entry is a privilege, sold by Metew, that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to participate in our price descending auction service for a given product listing.

What are Points?

Every entry not resulting in a direct purchase, various activities and achievements will generate points. Points are then applied first toward the purchase of any listed item!

One entry, multiple auctions?

Your entry for a particular listing is valid for every auction of that particular listing. No additional entry purchase is required.

Why were my credits returned?

You will receive a credit for the amount of your entry fee if:

  • You cancel your entry before the first lock cycle of your live auction event.
  • The listing is purchased before you have had an opportunity to participate in the live auction event.
  • The listing is removed.

What is an Auction Cycle?

Buy now or purchase entries for the live auction event.
Members who purchased an entry may participate in the live auction event.
The live auction event begins and the price continues to go down.
If no purchase has been made, the item is relisted.
*This process or cycle will repeat until the listing is sold or removed.